60. Special provisions for construction in small plots.- The provisions in the Kerala Municipality Building Rules shall apply to construction of building under residential and or commercial occupancy, in plots not exceeding 125 sq. metres of area subject to the modifications in this chapter:

Provided that permit shall not be granted under this chapter to one and the same person or with his consent to another person, for constructing different buildings, whether separately or abutting each other, in plots formed by division of one or more plots, he remaining as owner of more than one such divided plots or if that person has another plot abutting the proposed plot.]

61. Number of floors to be limited.- The number of floors allowed shall be three.

62. Conditions regarding set back.- (1) The minimum distance between the plot boundary abutting any street other than National Highways, State Highways, district roads and other roads notified by the municipality and the building other than a compound wall or fence or outdoor display structure, shall be 2 metres:

Provided that any restriction under street alignment or building line or both, if any fixed for the area and any development plan or any detailed town planning scheme or approved road widening proposal or any other rules or byelaws shall also apply simultaneously to all buildings in addition to the provisions contained in sub rule (1);

(1 a) The front yard shall be minimum 1.80 metres depth:

Provided that if 1.80 metres depth cannot be maintained laterally through out due to the peculiar shape of the plot, it shall suffice if the mean depth is not less than 1.80 metres with minimum depth at all points not less than 1.20 metres.

(2) Any one side shall have a minimum of 90 cms. and other side shall have a minimum of 60 cms.:

Provided that no opening other than ventilator at a height of 2.20 metres from the floor level shall be provided on the side having only 60 cms open space:

Provided further that the open space, on one side other than that having 90 cms width may be reduced or even abut the plot boundary without any manner of opening on that side, if the owner of the plot on that side voluntarily agree for the same in writing.]

(3) The rear side shall have an average of 1 metre with minimum 0.50 metre.

(3a) The width of cornice roof, sunshade or weather shade shall be 30 cms in 60 cms wide open space and in other cases it shall be as in sub rule (11) of rule 24.

63. Certain provisions not to apply.- Provisions regarding FAR, coverage, distance from central line of road, access width, height restriction with regard to width of road and the yard abutting the road, car parking dimension with regard to building parts, light and ventilation shall not apply to buildings under this Chapter.

64. Application and its disposal.- (1) The provisions for submission and disposal of application for permit and filing of completion certificate and extension and renewal of permits and similar matters shall be as described in Chapter II.

(2) The application fee and permit fee shall be as in Schedule I and Schedule II respectively.