148. Plans and drawings to be prepared and signed by Architect, etc.- In these rules, wherever it is required that a plan or drawing or specification shall be one prepared and signed by or a certificate shall be one so certified and signed by an Architect, Engineer, Town Planner or Supervisor such Architect, Engineer, Town Planner or Supervisor shall be a person registered or deemed to have been registered under the provisions in this chapter.

149. Registering Authority.- The Director Of Municipal Administration shall be the Registering Authority for the State.

150. Application and procedure for registration.- (1) Any person having the requisite qualification may submit an application for registration in the form in Appendix-K.

(2) A person employed in the service of Government or Quasi-Government or Government owned Corporation or Board, Authority or Government Companies or Banks are not eligible for registration:

Provided that paid Apprentices under the Apprentices Act are 2[Considered as not employed] for this purpose.

(3) The application shall be affixed with necessary court fee stamp and shall be attached with true copy of certificate showing educational qualification and experience.

(4) The Registering Authority shall, if convinced of the genuineness of the documents, issue registration certificate in the form in Appendix-M after collecting the registration fee.

(5) The registration once made shall be valid for three years from the date of certificate and shall be renewable on payment of renewal fee with a request in white paper affixed with necessary court fee stamp made within the valid period of registration:

Provided that a licence issued under the Kerala Building Rules, 1984 shall be deemed to have been issued under these rules and shall continue to be valid for the period for which that licence was issued and the holder of the said licence shall be eligible for registration under these rules.

(6) The fee for registration and renewal shall be the same and shall be at the rates shown below:

Architect                              ..    Rs.1000

Building Designer                   ..    Rs.750

Engineer A                                ..    Rs.1000

Engineer B                                ..    Rs.750

Town Planner A                         ..    Rs.1000

Town Planner B                         ..    Rs.750

Supervisor A                             ..    Rs.500

Supervisor B                             ..    Rs.300

151. Qualification for registration.- No person shall be eligible for registration in the category in column (1) unless he possesses the qualification as in column (2) of Appendix-L.

152. Registration in more than one category.- A person shall be eligible for registration in more than one category if he possesses the requisite qualification and submits separate application, and fee for registration in each such category.

153. Responsibilities and functions of registered Architects, etc.- (1) Plans and drawings shall be prepared strictly in conformity with the provisions contained in the Act and the Rules and any direction issued by Government or Municipality and a certificate to that effect shall be recorded and signed in the plans and drawings.

(2) A certificate of verification of site shall be recorded and signed in the site plan.

(3) Plans and drawings shall only be prepared after inspecting the site and convinced of the boundaries.

(4) The person issuing the certificate or affixing signature on the plan, drawing or specification shall be responsible for the correctness or truthfulness of the recording in the certificate or plan, drawings or specifications.

(5) Function shall be restricted to the category on which registration is obtained.

(6) Any person violating the rules under this chapter shall be liable to action under sub-rules (7) and (8)

(7) The Registering Authority may, on complaint by any person or on report from any Municipality or suo motu take action against any person registered, for violating any of the provisions under these rules.

(8) The Registering Authority may, if convinced on enquiry that the person against whom action has been taken under sub rule (7) has violated any rule, provision or issued false certificate or recorded false information, suspend the registration for a period not exceeding one year or cancel the registration or disqualify him for future registration:

Provided that before finalizing the decision, the person concerned shall be given sufficient opportunity to explain and the explanation, if any, submitted shall be duly considered by the Registering Authority.

(9) Any person aggrieved by the decision of the Registering Authority under sub rule (8) may appeal to Government within 30 days from the date of receipt of the decision.

(10) The appeal shall be submitted in white paper stating the reasons therefor, typed or written in ink, affixed with necessary court fee stamp, along with copy of the order of registering authority.

(11) Government shall dispose of the appeal within 60 days, after hearing the appellant in person or by authorized representative.