121. Prohibition for commencing work without permission.- No person shall commence the construction of reconstruction or a hut without first obtaining a permit for such work.

122. Provisions regarding distance from road, etc - (1) The minimum distance between the plot boundary abutting any street other than National Highway, State Highways, or District roads or other roads notified by the Municipality and a hut shall be 1.00 metre.

(2) All sides including the front and rear shall have minimum 60 cms distance from all the boundaries other than that abutting a road.

123. Certain provisions not to apply.- Provisions regarding FAR, coverage, distance from central line of road and dimension of building parts, light and ventilation shall not apply to huts.

124. Application for permit.- (1) Any person intending to construct or reconstruct a hut shall submit an application in white paper, typed or written in ink and affixed with necessary court fee stamp to the Secretary along with a site plan showing the built up area and the boundaries of the plot and nearby street, if any, and also document to prove ownership.

(2) The application fee shall be as in Schedule I.

125. Disposal of Application.- The Secretary shall verify the application, document and site p1an and after being convinced of the boundaries and bonafides of ownership issue permit within 14 days from the date of receipt of the application and necessary permit fee as shown in schedule II.

126. Council bound to decide on application.- (1) The Council shall be bound to take a decision as to whether permit shall be given or rejected, if the applicant makes a request in writing after the expiry of fourteen days from the date of submission of application that the secretary has failed to dispose the application.

(2) The applicant may commence with the construction or reconstruction in conformity with the provisions contained in the Act and these Rules, as if the permit has been granted, if the Council fails to dispose of the application within 30 days from the date of submission of the request in writing.

127. Reasons for rejection to be specified.- (1) Application for permit to construct or reconstruct a hut may be rejected on the following reasons:

(i) The construction or use of plot violates any provision of law or any rule or order or byelaw or proclamation;

(ii) the application for permit is not furnished with details or has not been prepared as required under these rules;

(iii) any detail or plan so required by Secretary under these rules has not been made available properly;

[ X X X X ]

(v) the proposed hut is an encroachment to land owned by Government or Municipality.

(2) The Secretary shall not reject an application for construction or reconstruction of hut without specifying the reasons for such rejection.

128. Period of permit and its renewal.- The permit shall be valid for 2 years from the date of issue and may be renewed for further one year on submission of application in white paper, typed or written in ink, affixed with necessary court fee stamp, within its valid period, and payment of fifty per cent of the permit fee.

129. Completion report and occupancy certificate.- (1) The applicant shall, on completion of the construction or reconstruction of the hut for which the permit was issued, report the matter in white paper typed or written in ink to the Secretary, specifying the date of completion.

(2) The Secretary shall, if satisfied that the construction or reconstruction is as per the permit granted, issue occupancy certificate not later than 10 days from the date of receipt of the report.