103. Essentially of permit.- (1) No new well shall be dug without the
permission of the Secretary.

(2) Where any person intends to dig a well, he shall submit an application in the form in Appendix A to the Secretary, together with a site plan and document to prove the ownership.

(3) The site plan shall show the position and dimension of the well and all existing and proposed buildings and structures in the site and within 7.5 metres radius from that well.

104. Set back.- (1) The set back from any street shall be as that required for a building.

(2) There shall be 150 metres set back from other boundaries.

(3) The well may be located within or abutting or away from the building on the plot.

(4) No leech pit, sock pit, refuse pit, earth closet or septic tank shall be allowed or made within a distance of 7.5 metres radius from any existing well used for supply of water for human consumption or domestic purpose or within 1.20 metres distance from the plot boundaries.

105. Wall and surrounding.- The well shall be protected With brick wall with -minimum 1 mt. height [x x x xl.

106. Fees.- The application fee and permit fee shall be as in Schedule 1 and Schedule 2 respectively.

107. Approval of plan and issue of permit.- The Secretary shall, if convinced of the boundaries and plan and bonafides of the ownership approve the plan with or without modification and issue permit.

108. Validity and renewal.- (1) The permit once issued shall be valid for two years and may be renewed for a further period of one year by submitting - an application in white paper, typed or written in ink, affixed with necessary court fee stamp.
(2) The application for renewal shall be submitted during the valid period of the permit and the renewal fee shall be fifty per cent of the permit fee.

109. Completion report.- The applicant shall submit a completion report to the Secretary, in white paper typed or written in ink, specifying the date of completion.