73. Provision for construction under approved Schemes.- Provisions in this chapter shall apply to construction or reconstruction or addition or alteration of any building financed or built by Government, Municipality, Housing Board, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Development Corporation, Fisherman Welfare Corporation, Matsyafed, Harijan Welfare Department, Social Welfare Department or any Government Department, Quasi Government Agency, or Housing Co-operative Societies under any Government approved Scheme for economically weaker sections. The provisions is this Chapter shall also apply to buildings financed or built by any Municipality or Panchayat at any level to its beneficiaries.

74. Area and floor restrictions.- (1) Total plinth area of the building shall not exceed 50 Sq. mts.

(2) Number of floors shall be limited, to two and a staircase room.

75. Setback provisions.- (1) The minimum distance between the plot boundary abutting any street other than National Highways, State Highways, District Roads and other roads notified by the municipality and the building, other than a compound wall or fence or outdoor display structure, shall be minimum 1.50 metres.

(2) Front yard shall have minimum 1.00 metre width.

(3) In the case of individual developed plots requiring no lay out approval from the District Town Planner, there shall be average 60 cms open space on the sides and the rear:

Provided that door shall not be allowed if that portion does not have minimum 1.00 metre open yard.

(4) In the case of buildings requiring layout approval of District Town Planner, the side yards and rear yard shall be provided as shown in the building layout:
Provided that no portion of the building shall encroach, project or overhang beyond the plot boundaries.

76. Certain provisions not to apply.- Provisions regarding FAR, coverage, distance from central line of road, access width, height restriction with regard to width of road and the yard abutting the road dimensions with regard to building parts, light and ventilation shall not apply to building under this chapter.

77. Layout approval to he obtained.- Layout approval shall be obtained by the Department, Corporation, Board, Agency, Local Body or Society concerned from the District Town Planner and the Secretary in all cases where building permit is not required.

78. Application for permit and its disposal.- (1) Where the construction or reconstruction or addition or alteration is proposed to be done by individuals separately, an application in white paper, typed, or written in ink and affixed with necessary court fee stamp shall be submitted by the individual concerned to the Secretary, along with a site plan and document to prove his ownership. The number of floors and the area in each floor shall be specified in the application.

(2) Secretary shall, if convinced of the boundaries and bonafides of the ownership and that the building is in accordance with the rules in this Chapter, issue permit.

(3) Where the construction or reconstruction or addition or alteration is proposed to be done by the Department, Corporation, Board, Agency, Local body or Society themselves, layout for sub-division shall be obtained from the Secretary and no building permit is necessary.

(4) There shall be no application fee in the case of individual application and the permit fee in the case of individual application shall be as shown in Schedule-II.